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S&S News: PS4 vs Xbox One: the format war is a marathon, not a sprint, says Sony

S&S News: “Minecraft is a system seller,” indies important to overall ecosystem, says ID@Xbox boss

S&S News: Rockstar talks Grand Theft Auto Online, explains reasoning behind release date

S&S News: PS4 to outsell Xbox One at launch, predicts Pachter

S&S News: Shinji Mikami explains why Resident Evil series became more action-oriented

S&S News: Horrific The Evil Within 12 Minute Gameplay Demo Released

S&S News: Watch Dogs compares the game’s city to GTA5, says the focus is on density

S&S News: Killzone: Shadow Fall: multiplayer runs at 60 fps “a lot of the time”, single-player 30 fps

S&S News: EA will not release a NCAA Football game in 2014, “evaluating” plans for the franchise’s future

S&S News: Activision “taking some of the biggest risks”; CEO responds to criticisms

S&S Review: Grand Theft Auto 5

S&S News: Next-gen launch titles are of a higher standard than ever before, says Ubisoft

S&S News: Thatgamecompany founder wants to make older players love games again

S&S News: Grand Theft Auto Online details announced by Rockstar, spending real-money is optional

S&S News: Rockstar’s Dan Houser on making another Bully: ‘I know I want to.’

S&S News: Dead Rising 3 producer: fans should stop ‘freaking out’ about frame rates

S&S News: Nvidia boss: “No longer possible” for consoles to have better graphics than PC

S&S News: Killzone Shadow Fall Season Pass detailed, new multiplayer trailer released

S&S News: Thief 4 producer details how DualShock 4 will be used on PS4, how AI component and stealth are intertwined

S&S News: EA: triple-A franchises on mobile will not cannibalize console counterparts

S&S News: Sony’s SVP Gives New Info on the PS4′s Noise Level, Power Consumption, Media Performance

S&S News: Xbox One: ID@Xbox titles not expected till 2014

S&S News: GTA Online player count bumped to 32, old game modes returning, report suggests

S&S News: Valve announces SteamOS, is Linux-based, free & coming soon

S&S News: Sony would like to stream PlayStation games to PC, TVs, tablets & more, states Yoshida

S&S News: David Cage: focus on feedback and “you become a marketing person”

S&S News: Beyond: Two Souls cost $27 million to develop, report suggests

S&S News: Final Fantasy XV will have more dynamic playable action, fewer flashy cutscenes

S&S News: Kojima completely dodges question about replacing Hayter as Snake

S&S News: Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag has a new multiplayer video

S&S News: PS4 launching later in Japan due to lack of Japanese-oriented software line-up

S&S News: Grand Theft Auto 5 reaches worldwide retail sales of more than $1 billion in three days

S&S Review: Splinter Cell: Blacklist

S&S News: Metal Gear Solid 5 team shooting for 60 fps on next-gen, 30 fps on current-gen

S&S News: Xbox One: stand it vertically “at your own risk”, warns Microsoft

S&S News: Rockstar doesn’t see another Grand Theft Auto taking place in London, is interested in next-gen tech

S&S News: Knack is a PS4 launch title for “the rest of the family”, says Cerny

S&S News: Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster TGS 2013 video released

S&S News: EA isn’t giving up until Battlefield “is number one,” says Soderlund

S&S News: GTA 5 first day sales hit $800 million

S&S News: The Evil Within -- Gameplay Trailer

S&S News: Dark Souls 2 PS3, Xbox 360 release date set, PC to follow; special editions detailed

S&S News: Deep Down: PS4 exclusive produces three impressive new screens

S&S News: Gran Turismo 6 to receive significant day-one patch, Yamauchi confirms

S&S News: Sega confirms Atlus Buyout for ¥14 billion, deal set for Nov 1

S&S News: Grand Theft Auto has evolved, it’s “not just about shooting anymore,” says Houser

S&S News: GTA 5 could be highest Metacritic game of all time, just behind GTA 4

S&S News: Nolan North on PS4: “I’ve Seen Some Stuff… I Couldn’t Believe it was Gameplay”

S&S News: Naughty Dog receives 120 PS4 dev kits for next big project

S&S News: GTA 5 sales to top $1 billion in first month, analyst predicts