Industry Insider: Xbox One 10% reserved GPU getting turned into 2% soon

According to a reliable industry insider, Microsoft may free up a bit more breathing room for developers who wish to create games for the Xbox One, which would ultimately ease the development process of the system.

According to industry insider Pete Dodd:

"10% reserved gpu getting turned into 2% soon. And with that, I’m on my last bar leaving Puerto Rico. See ya soon if St. Thomas has sprint."  He then continued.  "Gpu for that certain system had 10% reserved. 8% video. 2% voice. Voice will remain. That video 8% will be up to devs. As it should be."

Currently 10% of the Xbox One GPU is reserved for OS functions and Kinect and it looks like that will be reduced to 2% soon, giving developers more power.  Take this as a rumor for now, but stay tuned for an official word from MS.


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