Outlast PS4 Runs At 60 fps, Dev Faced No CPU Thread Management Issues

It seems like a number of gamers are really starting to inquire about every games' specs, most importantly the framerate or resolution.  Outlast will be coming to the PS4 next week, and the dev has released a bit of info on how well the game will run.

GamingBolt got in touch with Philippe Morin, co-founder of development team Red Barrels, where he then confirmed that the game will run at a smooth 60fps. It was revealed not too long ago that the single core speed of the PlayStation 4′s CPU is lower than that found in a high-end PC. GB asked whether this created any CPU thread management issues on the PS4, to which he replied: “We didn’t run into any issues. We’re using all the cores and the [amount of] RAM also helps.”

He also revealed that there are no differences between the PC and PlayStation 4 versions. “As far as we’re concerned, both versions look the same,” he said.


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