Destiny won’t have mounts, “PETA would go absolutely berserk,” Bungie jokes

Destiny developer Bungie has posted a some-what humorous response to whether or not the online shooter will feature mounts.
Over on the Bungie blog, the team responded to another round of fan questions, including one focused on mounts. In short; they’re not happening. Here’s why:

“We considered animal mounts, but the weight-load of the Titan’s heavy armor kept breaking their backs, and we knew that PETA would go absolutely berserk.”

The team also acknowledged the existence of Destiny’s second-screen play, which it called ‘The Companion.’

Bungie continued, “The Companion will let you explore the world of Destiny wherever life finds you. To prepare you for its arrival, register for an account here on and (if you’re sorted with a compatible device), download the Bungie Mobile Application. There will come a glorious day when both platforms will become your Tower away from the Tower.”


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