Flappy Bird creator receives death threats, following game’s removal

Flappy Birds creator Dong Nguyen has received death threats from gamers angry that the title has been removed from Apple’s store.

Nguyen removed Flappy Bird from the store over the weekend, stating, “I cannot take this anymore.” It followed backlash aimed at the title over claims that Nguyen plagiarised elements of the game from Super Mario Bros.
Develop has spotted several death threats aimed at Nguyen on Twitter, following the game’s withdrawal.

One colourful example read, “F**k you asshole, I’ll f**king kill you if I have to. Put back Flappy Bird on the market or I’m afraid I’ll have to meet you.”

Another went, “You best not be deleting Flappy Bird because I will murder you if u do”. Another: “You’re a f**king pussy!!! And this game sucks anyway. But you’re still a pussy. Kill yourself.”  After reading these, it's no wonder that the guy decided to hang it up.


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