GTA Online microtransactions weren’t implemented to “extract value,” says Take-Two boss

GTA Online features a microtransaction and currency model, but it wasn’t designed to extract value, according to Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick.
During a Take-Two investor call, Zelnick addressed the existence of microtransactions in GTA Online, saying, “Our primary goal is to delight consumers and create a great experience. As you know, GTA Online is a free to play experience and there [are] opportunities for recurrent consumer spending within the game, and no obligation of course.”

It’s not about making money, Zelnick stressed, but is a way of delighting customers further, giving them a “fantastic experience,” and keeping them coming back for more. That, he says, is the key to economic success.

He continued, “And the reason that we offer an opportunity to spend money in the game is that’s coordinated with a great experience. We are not making decisions in order to extract value, we are making decisions to delight consumers. And that includes creating value.”

“Yes, we had some issues with the currency,” he added, “Those issues have been addressed and we are not really focused on whether the catch-up or anything of this sort. You know as long as people keep loving GTA Online it’s going to be great for us”


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