PS Now Details From BETA Tester: Trophies & Multiplayer Supported, “Playable” On “Craptacular” Internet

The PS Now beta is currently underway, and a user has released a few nice details on the service.  It looks like trophies and multiplayer are supported, and you will be even to play it on a lackluster connection.

A user on GameFAQs has not only posted an off-screen video(Taken down now), showing him trying the PlayStation Now BETA and launching a game(Killzone 3), he is also posting his impressions regarding the service, and they mostly sound positive so far.

According to the user, despite his crappy connection, which only has 5 Mbps Downstream and 1 Mbps Upstream, he was able to use the service.
"I have some craptacular internet (for some reason my router decided to change nat2 to nat3)
So for even running it on my internet and still be playable is a big plus. Also just came back from my friend’s house where i tested it there as well.
At its worse… You can see some compression (i.e. My connection) at my friend’s house with proper working internet. It looks exactly like running it off the disc."

He also shares his multiplayer experience with Dead or Alive 5, which is a fast paced fighting game, that he tried online.
"Just got done playing Dead or Alive 5 against someone over the internet and there was no problem with the other guy being able to kick my ass a few times
Lol… Next up, going into Killzone 3 to get shot up online "

Finally, he drops this juicy info that the PlayStation Now UI is more like PS4 Store UI and is pretty smooth.
"It’s more like the PS4 which runs a lot smoother than the PS3 store."

Source: GearNuke


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