PS4 GPU More About Ease of Use Than Top Speed – Helldivers Dev

There's still a lot of info we don't know yet about the PS4's specs, another indie dev has given his take on the ease of development.  GamingBolt spoke to CEO and game director Johan Pilestedt of Arrowhead Game Studios, which is developing Helldivers, about the advantages of developing for the system.

When asked about the advantage of the GPU speed, especially with regards to the Xbox One’s 1.31 TFlops GPU, Pilestedt stated that, “I really don’t think that the number tells you anything about the ability to create kickass titles. Sure, teams such as Naughty Dog probably use every bit of the bandwidth but from a smaller developer’s perspective, it’s more about the ease of use than the top speed.

“Let’s put it like this” if you need to go from one town to the other, you’ll get there faster if you take the car than learn how to fly a fighter jet and then go there. And in that sense, the PS4 excels. The ease of use is pretty much what sold the platform for us – and not the raw power itself.”

In terms of raw power thought, Pilestedt does clarify that, “In this case though, the PS4 is a fighter jet with the ease of use of a standard car.”  Helldivers will be launching later this year for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.


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