PS4 sales to hit 12 million in 2014, Xbox One at 9 million, analysts predict

PlayStation 4 is currently ahead of Xbox One in global sales, and that trend is said to continue throughout 2014, according to a report released by analyst firm Wedbush Morgan. Precisely; the team predicts a three million unit gap between both formats.

The Wedbush Morgan report was comprised by human number-cruncher Michael Pachter, along with colleagues Nick McKay and Nick Citrin.

It pegs PS4 sales by the end of 2014 at 12 million units, Xbox One at 9 million and Wii U at 3 million. Given that Sony’s unit is about to launch in the company’s native Japan on February 22, current sales are likely to jump considerably.

According to the report; Wii U’s weak projection comes from Nintendo’s failure to tap into online multiplayer, while PS4 has been a, “phenomenal success right out of the gate.”

Wedbush argues that Xbox One is falling behind its closest rival due largely to the console’s high price point, but the analyst team concedes that it has also “achieved great success.”

For the global market as a whole, Wedbush predicted that software will generate some $12 billion in sales through 2014. 

Source: DualShockers


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