The Walking Dead creator “open” to TV, game crossovers

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has said he’s open to seeing some crossover between the events of the TV show and TellTale’s adventure series – and possibly even hinted we would be seeing it sometime in the near future.

Wired asked Kirkman about the possibility of the show and game referencing each other.

“That door is always open for us, though whether or not we step through it remains a big question,” he said.

“I certainly wouldn’t want to spoil anything cool like that if we had it coming up. Scott Gimple, our showrunner, is certainly a huge fan of that game series as well and very familiar with it.”

A brief mention of Macon in the latest TV season is the only reference to the wider franchise universe that has occurred between the two pieces of media.

“That was a little nod to those fans, to let them know that we’re aware of the greater Walking Dead universe. It’s always fun to come up with those little things,” Kirkman said.  The Walking Dead is first and foremost a comic, but Kirkman is heavily involved with the show as well.


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