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Xbox exclusives will continue to play “a major role” for Microsoft, says Spencer

Mass Effect 4 “somewhere in the middle” of development, says Bioware

100 indies in the works for PS3, PS4 and Vita including Spelunky coming to PS4

Driveclub: 1080p/30FPS is, “absolutely the best thing” for game, says director

S&S Tech Review: JBL Synchros S700

PS4 1.7 Firmware Update: Here Are All the Stealthy Changes and Fixes Not Included in the Patch Notes

Mario Kart 8 Wii U Bundle coming to North America

Oculus and Sony are “helping each other”, says Yoshida

Watch Dogs: PS4 pre-load coming with new firmware, Gold Edition spotted on PSN

PSN Europe sale discounts Ubisoft games, Far Cry, South Park & more deals inside

DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition will still launch alongside full game

Battlefield 4 patch addresses death shield issue, Xbox One rent-a-server on hold

PS4 and PC Survival Horror Title H1Z1 gets first official gameplay trailer

PS4 system software update v1.70 hits tomorrow, all details revealed

S&S Review: Strike Suit Zero Director's Cut

Ouya boss responds to Towerfall PS4 sales success

Golden Week Sale on PSN discounts many Japanese games

George RR Martin’s assistant consulting on TellTale’s Game of Thrones title

Nintendo skipping E3 Stage Show again for Digital E3 Event

Driveclub launching in October, new gameplay trailer released

Xbox TV: Microsoft reveals full list of planned shows, Gears of War & Fable series teased

Destiny may still come to PC after console launch

Madden 15 release date announced, first trailer stars Carolina's own Luke Kuechly

7 minutes of Destiny gameplay gets released

S&S Review: Trials Fusion

Batman: Arkham Knight Not Delayed till 2015, Injustice 2 in Development

Driveclub release date and “full game details” coming soon, developer promises

Watch Dogs multiplayer invasions won’t disrupt your single-player experience, designer explains

Iwata: “We need to redefine what Nintendo must do”

Mass Effect Trilogy listed for PS4 & Xbox One release

Official ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ details posted for Xbox One version

Bound by Flame Dev Praises PS4, Eager To See What Games Will Look Like When It’s Pushed To The Limit

Microsoft Faces Real Problem if PS4 Drops to $349, Needs To Decouple Kinect From Xbox One: Pachter

Final Fantasy 15 Uses Yebis 2 Engine for Real Time Computer and Optical Effects

Why I'm Buying A Playstation Vita (Again).

Mad Max trailer touts 2015 release, how vehicles are “more than a machine”

PS4 firmware update 1.70 gets dated

Microsoft to “channel inventory drawdown for Xbox consoles” during Q4 FY14, says CFO

Battlefield 4 adds new higher-performance servers to resolve ‘rubber-banding’ issue

Titanfall will get new game modes in future DLC, says Respawn

Sony removes recently added PSone & PSP classic games from Vita store

North American PS Plus offerings for May revealed

PS4 Getting MP3 Playback Soon, Latest Firmware Update Has Unannounced Features - Rumor

Microsoft Q3 – 2 million Xbox units, including 1.2 million Xbox One consoles sold-in

S&S Tech Review: HTC One (M8)

Bound by Flame Runs At Native 1080p on PS4, Has A Variable 30-60 Frame Rate

Watch Dogs 2 development won’t take as long as original, says Morin

H1Z1 monetization will include wearables, but not ammo, guns or food, says Smedley

Epic teases new game that will “push next generation graphics,” plus more Unreal Engine 4 titles

Evolve: new trailer shows 4v1 battle with commentary