Elder Scrolls Online launch trailer is here

As The Elder Scrolls Online launches today, Bethesda releases its latest cinematic trailer.


  1. “We do hear, and a lot of people out there say it, that Mario Kart is all about luck,” he said. “That if you’re at the front then you’ll get hit with a blue shell, so it’s all about luck. That feature is not random – it doesn’t just happen.

    Bull shit from Texas sized bull. You can't even get anything when you're in first or second but a green shell or banana peel. They cripple the first two spots for having skill, learning the maps, and using shortcuts. Then the blue shell & lightning totally rubberband losers to the front of the race. Shaking my head at Dude so hard right now. I'll never buy another one until they fix the online & stop that rubberbanding skill crutch.


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