GTA Online success is “the gift that keep on giving” to Take Two

GTA Online has allowed Take Two to take advantage of “recurrent consumer spending” fostered by Rockstar’s latest.

Speaking to Fox News, as transcribed by CVG, Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said that wehn he took up his position in 2007 he aimed for a world in which players kept spending money on his company’s games and “it’s nice to see it coming true”.

“Just a few years ago when we put out a product, no matter how big, when we put out a hit we collected our money, we went onto the next,” he said.

“Now what we’re finding is we’re creating recurrent consumer spending and we have the gift that keeps on giving.”

Zelnick said 70% of all Grand Theft Auto 5 players play GTA Online.  Are you still playing it, cause I'm not?


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