New H1Z1 details surfaced, You'll need Food, Water and shelter to live just one more day

New details about Sony's upcoming zombie survival MMO H1Z1 has surfaced online, According to the wiki page of the game on GamePedia, every minute in H1Z1 will be needed for survival.  

In H1Z1 you need to search for Food and water to stay a live, and as safe place to sleep and survive another day, In addition to the infected you have to dealing with all kinds of wild animals and the chaotic nature when other survivors are thrown into the mix.

There will be Food and water mechanics in the game and a whole body health, temperature, and stability systems.

Here is more details:
  • Interior and exterior areas to explore.
  • Food and water mechanics.
  • Whole body health, temperature, and stability systems.
  • A wealth of weapons and tools used to survive.
  • A dynamic, persistent universe.
  • Built in the Forgelight system, opening the world to thousands of players.
Source: BehindGamer


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