PS4 1.7 SHAREfactory app gets trailer, video editing tools showcased

PlayStation 4′s 1.7 update will add Sony’s SHAREfactory app into the mix, a tool that gives players greater control over the videos they capture, along with a suite of special effect options.  A trailer has been released to give you a look at exactly what you can do.

Over on YouTube, SHAREfactory senior producer Stuart Platt wrote, “I am the Sr. Producer on the SHAREfactory team and we thought it would be really cool to show off a project that was edited in our offices that show off a number of features in the application. We are really excited to see what PlayStation fans will create and share once SHAREfactory is released. We hope you like it!”

When a gamer asked how Platt uploaded the clip to YouTube, he replied, “I exported to USB and uploaded,” suggesting that PS4′s next update will allow for greater control over player clips.

Another said that the video quality was “shit”, to which Platt replied, “Videos shared from PlayStation 4 are rendered out at 720p. The YouTube default playback setting is 360p and that may be what you are seeing.”

Finally, Platt confirmed that users will be able to import their on music to SHAREfactory using a USB device. It’s unclear if tracks can then be laid over footage at will, as this could lead to some copyright issues.


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