PS4 vs. Xbox One Resolution Debate Is Unwinnable, Says TitanFall Developer

It seems that ever since the new consoles were released, there's been frequent resolution disparity between the two, with many games running at higher resolutions on PS4.  Titanfall producer Drew McCoy has a much less enthusiastic outlook about this rivalry, and says that “console wars” are unwinnable.

“It’s the console wars. It’s Sega does what Nintendon’t,” McCoy said in conversation with GameSpot at PAX East when quizzed about why he thought the issue with TitanFall and its lack of 1080p visuals had become such a major topic amongst gamers recently. “There’s going to be games that look better on one or the other. There’s going to be exclusives that look better, for whatever reason. And we never set out to engage in the tech war. I feel like that’s a war that no one actually wins.

“We consciously just decided that we’re going to make a game that’s fun and new and exciting and then worry about making it as good-looking as we can,” he added. “And I don’t think we made an ugly game, but no one in the office will tell you we made the prettiest game out there. Or [the one that] runs at the highest resolution.”

“We have more that we can do,” McCoy continued. “We’re looking at performance stuff on Xbox One; the PC patch added some stuff; and we’re working with NVIDIA for some things on PC as well. At the end of the day we don’t really care. People were roasting us because we run at higher than 720p but we’re not a solid locked [60fps] yet. And it’s like, ‘Yeah, well you know what, guess what? The GPU isn’t always a thing that limits your frame rate and your performance.’ So we hit the highest resolution we could without limiting the GPU.”


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