PS4′s 20 First Year Exclusives Doesn’t Include The Last of Us Remastered, “Ports” – Sony Employee

SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida announced that 30 games were in development for the PS4 with 20 of those releasing within the console’s first year. Out of those, 12 will be new IPs.

The question is, does that include certain titles The Last of Us: Remastered – a PS4 edition of Naughty Dog’s PS3 title that has been significantly revamped in terms of visuals?

A NeoGAF member named “Demonite”, who works as an employee at Sony, although his actual identity is unknown, did offer some rather interesting clarification on the list. In response to a comment about whether The Last of Us: Remastered Edition should be included, he stated that, “I didn’t include ports to that list."

Source: GamingBolt


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