Titanfall: Respawn Still Working on Resolution/Performance, DirectX 12 Not Necessary for Fixes

A new update has gone live for Titanfall which enables Private Lobby matches and a change to the Gooser Challenger necessary to reach Gen 5. But what about the different fixes to performance that it adds, including the resolution improvements?

Programmer Jon Shiring answered these questions on Twitter. In response to performance/resolution work promised pre-launch for the Xbox One (which currently has a 792p resolution), Shiring clarified that, “it’s not in this update, no. But yes, people are working on it.”

As for DirectX 12, one user asked if the upcoming API could be used to reduce screen-tearing and frame-rate drops on the Xbox One. Shiring responded that, “we don’t know much about dx12 yet – but we don’t need to do dx12 to do some performance fixes. It’s on our list."


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