Titanfall updates to be more frequent, vows Respawn

Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment has vowed to increase both the frequency and quality of its updates to the multiplayer shooter.  

In a post on the Titanfall website, game director Steve Fukuda said Respawn is “relatively new to the ethos of post-launch support” but wants to do its best for the PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One game.

“Now that we are transitioning from making the game to supporting it, one of the many things I want to improve is what I call our ‘update tempo’ – not just accelerating how often we update the game, but also improving our frequency and quality of communication about those updates with the community,” he wrote.

Fukuda said non-content updates for Titanfall fall into three broad categories. The first is tending the current game – minor tweaks and fixes like rebalancing and matchmaking changes, as well as bug squashing.


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