Watch Dogs Dev Talks About Difference Between PS4 and PS3, PC Optimization and a lot more

Watch Dogs' Animation Director Colin Graham has given yet another large heaping of details regarding the upcoming open world title. 

We learn that the PS3 version will be inferior to the PS4 one, but it’ll keep “the essentials.”
"We can do more on PS4 but we keep the essentials on PS3.  We can have more physics based objects on next gen. Essentials should be the same."
Graham also confirmed that this time around the game will be optimized for PC (hopefully this means that we won’t see the poor performance that plagued a few previous Ubisoft titles), and at the question if we’re going to see PC footage of the game he responded “Maybe.”

Several gameplay details were also revealed:
  • When someone invades your game with the seamless multiplayer option of the game, missions are blocked until you deal with the intruder.
  • The look of the invader is totally random, “literally any civilian that is available from that district, man or woman.”
  • Some hideouts need to be found and unlocked, while others are unlocked by story progression.
  • For cars on demand, you pay for a car only once, and then you can get it delivered to you whenever you want.
  • Cars on demand are normally dropped in a parking spot around the corner from your location.
  • Robbing stores doesn’t award much cash. Open world missions, online contracts and story missions give better xp and cash.
  • You can track only cars and enemies that are objectives in a mission. Tracking all cars in the game would be too much data to handle.
  • Hacking ATMs can give you thousands of dollars in certain cases. Some people are rich, and you can detect them with the profiler app.
  • When someone asked if players will be able to create contracts for other players to do, the answer was “not exactly,” and “more info to come” were mentioned.
  • You can buy drinks in the game.
  • The battery of Aiden’s cellphone recharges very quickly over time.
  • Causing a blackout blocks all hacking, as there’s no electricity.
  • There will be a way to free roam privately just with your friends.
Source: DS


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