Watch Dogs Will Have No Loading Screens, New PS4 Footage At PAX East But No Xbox One Version

Watch Dogs is finally coming out this May and as it garners the usual run of controversies and information leaks, animation director Colin Graham has revealed some new information on the game.

First off, Watch Dogs will apparently be doing away with loading screens, or at least shortening them. As Graham indicated on Twitter, “WD [is] an open world architecture, and we have good mission streaming. We don’t like loading screens.”

Graham also mentioned that there would be some new footage of the game coming soon. “We are showing some new footage at PAX east.”

It seems unlikely that this will be from the Xbox One version though as Graham stated that, “I think it will be PS4.”  PAX East takes place in Boston from April 11th to April 13th.

Source: GamingBolt


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