Watch_Dogs Has Experts Dedicated For Each Platform, Dev Assures That Wii U Version Isn’t Cancelled

Ubisoft is pretty much wrapped up their development on Watch Dogs, as the game is set to launch next month.  The devs have given some more info on each platform, as well as reassure everyone that the Wii U version isn't cancelled.

According to senior producer Dominic Guay, “We have the chance to dedicate experts to the various platforms. So for example, we can push our tech into a specific direction to support the architecture of a given platform. Since each has its own strengths, that’s allowing us to push the envelope for our game world.”

When it comes to taking advantage of the various controller features though, Guay said, “As far as the DualShock 4 is concerned we support the touchpad. We think it brings something interesting to console controls. As of now we have no plans for the Kinect.”

Wii U gamers can also rejoice in knowing that the game hasn’t been cancelled for their platform. “We will have much more to share on the Wii U version closer to release, but be assured it’s currently being worked on and it hasn’t been cancelled,” he confirmed to GamingBolt.

Releasing on May 27th worldwide.


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