Destiny has 16 million registered players

Activision revealed last night that Destiny has already racked up over 16 million registered users who are playing for an average of three hours each day.

"Along with our partners at Bungie, we broke industry records as Destiny became the biggest new intellectual property launch in video game history, and was the third biggest new release of the year in North America and Europe combined," said Eric Hirshberg, chief executive officer of Activision Publishing.

"Destiny now has over 16 million registered users with a massive audience of active players still averaging over 3 hours of game play per day, a figure that has stayed remarkably stable since launch."

He added: "Destiny also performed the rarely seen console gaming feat of growing active players from November to December, driven by the release of the new expansion pack, the Dark Below. And it was the #1 played game in North America on a PS4 in December."

Activision president Bobby Kotick noted that together with Hearthstone – which has more than 25 million registered players – the pair have generated more than $850 million in non-GAAP revenue.

"Last year, we launched two of the most successful new entertainment brands, Destiny and Blizzard's Hearthstone. Combined, they attracted over 40 million registered players worldwide and generated more than $850 million in non-GAAP revenue, a testament to our team's proven abilities to capture the imaginations of millions of people around the world time and time again," explained Kotick.


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