DriveClub's latest update adds 1 new track & makes DLC easier

The latest update for DriveClub is available to download now, introducing a brand new track and a range of tweaks designed to improve last year's racer.

Coming at around 700mb, title update 1.11 adds a new multiplayer game mode - Team Time Trial - and aims to make the game easier by lowering the amount of stars required to progress in each DLC pack.

Players now only need 8 stars in each pack to progress to the second stage rather than 12, with 22 stars (previously 27) required to unlock the final championship.

Additional factory paint jobs are now available for each car, too, with fixes also made to the 'Contender' and 'Unbeatable' trophies to ensure they unlock properly.

Update 1.11 features & improvements:
  • Adds a new Multiplayer game mode: Team Time Trial (available Feb 18th).
  • Adds a new track offering 2 variants: Kobago in Japan.
  • All add-on Tours have new progress requirements: You need 8 Stars (previously 12) to progress to the second stage and 22 Stars (previously 27) to open up the final Championship.
  • Adds the ability to choose from a collection of factory Paint Jobs during vehicle selection prior to an Event.
  • Adds the option to enable the Rev Counter in cockpit view.
  • Decreases the threshold on the manumatic downshift limiter to allow players to downshift earlier.
  • Reduces the drying time for rain splatter on the screen when in Chase Cam.
  • Implements ghosting under certain conditions in Multiplayer races to prevent track blocking.
  • Allows the 'Contender' and 'Unbeatable' Trophies to be unlocked even if the challenges expire when you are not online.
  • Includes a number of minor bug fixes, performance improvements and usability tweaks.


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