PlayStation to drive Sony to biggest profits since 1998

A diverse line-up of games has been key to PS4′s success, says Yoshida.

Sony’s PlayStation division will help drive the company to its biggest profits since 1998, according to a new report.

Shuhei Yoshida, in a new interview with Bloomberg, has said that the key to PlayStation – and specifically the PS4′s success – has been the amount of diversity the system is offering.

“The industry’s focus has narrowed too much,” said Yoshida. “Can we continue producing interesting new products? That’s become a real concern.”

Sony’s investment in indie games has paid off for the PlayStation systems, with games like The Tomorrow Children and Tokyo Jungle – which has sold over 231,000 copies – getting as much attention from Yoshida as any blockbuster titles.

“If it wasn’t for Sony, there is no way I would be doing this now,” Yohei Kataoka, head of Tokyo Jungle studio Crispy told Bloomberg. “It was like an angel investment, something unheard of in the games industry.”


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