The Order: 1886 will take 8-10 hours to complete on average, says Ready At Dawn

The Order: 1886 will take the average player 8-10 hours to complete, Ready At Dawn had said, responding to concerns over a 5.5 hour playthrough uploaded to YouTube over the weekend.

Speaking at an event attended by DualShockers, CTO Andrea Pessino is reported to have revealed that, according to the developer's internal metrics, an average playthrough on normal difficulty will take 8-10 hours, raising to 12+ hours should you choose to play on hard or explore the game world.

A 5.5 hour run is possible, Pessino admits, but only if you rush through the game.

It's been suggested that the playthrough uploaded to YouTube was actually a speed run, with the uploader allegedly sticking closely to objectives and choosing not to explore the game world.

I guess it's up to you now whether the game is worth your money or not.


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