Nintendo mobile games to be created in-house using DeNA’s network expertise

Mobile games from Nintendo will be created in-house, the firm’s president Satoru Iwata has said. You can relax now, if you were worried.

According Iwata the games will be made by Nintendo, but the development teams will benefit from DeNA’s network expertise.

“Development of smart device games will be mainly done by Nintendo, but it is significant that we are forming a joint development structure with DeNA,” he told Time.

“Nintendo, through experience in the dedicated game system business, is good at making traditional game products. But for smart devices, in addition to the ‘product’ aspect of a game, the aspect of an ever-evolving ‘service’ is very important-a service that encourages consumers to play every day even for a short time.

“DeNA has extensive know-how in developing the ‘service’ side of things, and will be primarily responsible for the service-oriented operations. We will be able to greatly leverage strengths of each party.”

At present, Shigeru Miyamoto won’t have a hand in mobile development as his priority is on currently in-development Wii U titles, but Iwata said they “will discuss” his involvement when possible.


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