Square Enix CEO teases 'surprise' new console JRPG, 'charged' for E3

Square Enix has plans to announce a new console JRPG later this year, CEO Yosuke Matsuda has teased.

Speaking to Nikkei Trendy (translated by Gematsu), Matsuda revealed that Square has "a little surprise" planned for fiscal 2015, before clarifying that the unannounced title is being developed for "home game machine(s)".

Matsuda later told the site that he was "charged for E3", naming Rise of the Tomb Raider and Just Cause 3 as two of the company's 2015 highlights. It isn't clear when the new JRPG will be revealed or whether it will be on show at E3.

"With respect to HD titles for 2015, our Japanese and Western studios are both bolstering their lineups considerably, so it'd be wise to keep an eye on them," Matsuda said.


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