Steam Machine prices range from $459 to $5000

A new Steam Machines section has been added to Steam which reveals a range of models, configurations and pricing – though currently in US dollars only.

The systems will launch in November and start at $459 for an entry level iBuyPower SBX, all the way up to $4999 for the Falcon Northwest Tiki.

For the $5k price you'll be looking at a liquid cooled CPU i7-4790K, 16GB of DDR3-1866 MHz and a Titan GPU. You can even choose to have a stone installed to helped the system remain upright.

"A new challenge we discovered when you make a desktop this thin and small: it can be knocked over easily by a stray elbow, pets or young children," explains Falcon Northwest. "We needed to add weight to the base of Tiki, but it had to look good too. Nature provided the answer: stone. Every Tiki includes an optional natural granite stone base that provides stability and gives your system an undeniably high-end look."


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