Destruction in Star Wars: Battlefront will be less than it was in Battlefield

Destruction has been one of the hallmarks of the modern Battlefield games, but it doesn't look like it will be a big cornerstone in Battlefront. 

Battlefront and Battlefield developer DICE talked a little bit about destruction and how often we’re going to see it in Star Wars: Battlefront.

Speaking to Engadget, DICE general manager Patrick Bach said that destruction on the level seen in Battlefield games would not be authentic to Star Wars.

“Star Wars, as an [intellectual property], is shaping what we’re doing. So we won’t do excessive destruction just because we can. It’s more about ‘what do you need and what you want’ in a Battlefield game versus a Battlefront game,” said Bach.

Bach’s comments were reiterated by the game’s official Twitter account, saying that destruction will be used “where it make sense”.


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