Just Cause 3 trailer is your first look at gameplay

Avalanche has officially released the trailer, with the blurb reading: "Wingsuit, Grapple Hook, Massive Explosions: The first Just Cause 3 Gameplay trailer takes you straight into the intense action.

"Watch Rico Rodriguez cause chaos to the regime of the ruthless dictator General Di Ravello, and stopping at nothing to liberate Medici, his home."

What you see in the trailer will be possible to recreate when you get your hands on the game later this year.

"It's all actual gameplay," confirmed Christofer Sundberg, co-founder & CCO, Avalanche Studios over on the PlayStation Blog. "There is some cinematic camera work going on there of course, but these are not cut scenes, nothing is scripted or any of that jazz.

"Everything you see in the trailer, you'll be able to recreate yourself, if you're good enough!"


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