Xbox One DirectX 12 update to give around 7% performance boost for Project Cars

The upcoming DirectX 12 update for Xbox One should provide Project Cars with a seven per cent performance boost, Slightly Mad Studios head Ian Bell has revealed on the game's forums.

There had been confusion about an earlier comment in which he said a 30-40 per cent increase was possible with DX12, but it turns out this was in relation to PC performance.

"Let me be clear guys," wrote Bell. "30-40% is on PC where the lack of multithreading ability in DX11 restricted us most. On Xbox we will see a good gain though."

"The next patch (very soon) adds about 5-7%," he added referring to the Xbox One version. "Following that we're focusing on the hardest hit areas on circuits, this is mainly art optimisation."

"DX12 will add probably another 7% or more to Xbox for us," Bell concluded.


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