Iwata didn’t apologize for E3 says Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime

Reggie Fils-Amie has clarified that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata did not apologise for their E3 digital event.

The ‘apology’ was translated by NeoGAF member Cheesemeister but Reggie Fils-Amie stepped in to provide a more accurate translation in an interview on Polygon.

“It was not an apology. It was not a statement about the content we’re showing, essentially it was an ‘I hear you’ message.”

“Mr. Iwata is in Japan and what he’s trying to do is help explain to consumers in Japan what’s going on at E3. The correct translation of his message was: ‘Thank you for your feedback. We hear you and we are committed to continuing to meet your expectations,’ was essentially his message.”

Talking about some of the negative reactions that have surfaced in the wake of their E3 digital event, Reggie went on to say “One of the things I find interesting is that if you look at E3 historically for Nintendo, typically what happens is a press briefing happens or our digital event happens and then over the course of the next couple of days people see the games get to play the games and the appreciation and understanding of what we’re doing increases over those three days and continues to build into the holidays.”

He drew a comparison with the unveiling of Splatoon last year, and how there were complaints about the mechanics and controls. “There were all of these complaints. But now you look at the finished product and the satisfaction is huge.”


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