Xbox One backwards compatibility is “very good news for gamers,” Ubisoft says

According to Ubisoft, the ability for Xbox One owners to play Xbox 360’s catalog of games is “very good news.”

Ubisoft is one of the early publishers to comment positively on Microsoft’s decision to allow backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games. Speaking to investors following the most recent financial report, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemo described the move as “very good news” for gamers.

“It’s good news for gamers that Microsoft was able to work on the compatibility aspect. They expect to come with 100 titles quite quickly, so that’s really good news.”

Guillemo expects games in their back catalogue to generate short-term revenue, and even more revenue when the feature goes live for everyone later this year.

“It will help some of the brands, like Splinter Cell for us, to come to Xbox One, which is great,” he elaborated.


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