Destiny The Taken King: no more guaranteed Strange Coin drops

Bungie dropped a ton of information in the weekly update last night. But the most important change is the removal of the Weekly Heroic strike as we know it today and replacing it with the Vanguard Heroic Playlist.

Today’s Weekly Heroics are the guaranteed source of Strange Coins, which you can use to buy Exotic items from Xur every weekend. Now that it’s gone, Strange Coins will drop more regularly from all activities.

“In Destiny The Taken King, Strange Coins are not going away even though the Weekly source is gone. Coins will still appear in a variety of activities,” executive producer Mark Noseworthy confirmed on Twitter.

Noseworthy added that their drop rate has also been increased to offset the change, and this applies to all activities not just weeklies. He also confirmed that we’ll be still using them to deal with Xur.


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