Destiny's story was 'substantially revised' one year before launch

Destiny's story was "substantially revised" in August 2013, forcing the game to miss its original September 2013 release date, according to court documents posted online.

The information was brought to light as part of composer Marty O'Donnell's lawsuit against Bungie and the developer's president Harold Ryan, revealing that the game was originally planned for release 12 months before its actual ship date.

"Although Destiny was planned for release in September 2013, the story was substantially revised beginning August 2013, requiring a new release date of March 2014 and edits to much of the work previously completed," the documents (posted by Venture Beat) state.

"After a brief vacation/sabbatical in early fall, O'Donnell returned, worked on the story and recorded dialogue, but wrote no additional music. His supervisor and the audio team did not consider him to be fully engaged in the work of Audio Director. For reasons unrelated to O'Donnell's performance, the release date was again moved, to September 2014."

Destiny's third expansion, The Taken King, launches next Tuesday, September 15.


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