“Full next-gen demo” of Star Wars Darth Maul game in development

Red Fly Studio wants to re-pitch cancelled Darth Maul game to Star Wars Battlefront publisher EA.

Red Fly Studio has said it intends to pitch a demo to EA of a game based on Star Wars anti-hero Darth Maul.

The developer had originally worked on a Darth Maul game for last-gen systemsbut it was shitcanned after eight months work.

“We are currently working on a full next gen demo of all things Maul to show to the powers that be. It’s been a lot of work on our off time,” said Red Fly’s Dan Borth in an AMA.

“We have been burning a candle for this game since it was killed in hopes we can get it turned back on again. IF that is to happen we need to approach EA with a demo that will impress them. I think we have that or are close to it. Still it is completely not up to us.”


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