Supermassive 'not ruling out' Until Dawn DLC

Supermassive Games hasn't ruled out the possibility of releasing DLC for its PS4 horror Until Dawn, the developer has said, even if it hasn't "found the right context for it" yet.

Speaking to PlayStation Lifestyle, executive producer Pete Samuels revealed that fans frequently request DLC to deliver a "happy-ending" for one of the game's characters, but that the developer wouldn't be prepared to create it if it meant altering any of the game's "underlying truths".

"The underlying 'truths' in the story are pretty sacred," Samuels explained. "If an expansion of any kind required us to change a truth then we wouldn't be happy doing it. We get asked a lot for a happy-ending for one character in particular. We can't see how that could work without breaking some important truths. I'm not ruling out DLC, we just haven't yet found the right context for it."


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